CrossBreeze - Toy Hauler Pull Down Screens

Specifically designed for Toy Haulers, this screen is sure to allow you to enjoy the cool evening breezes while you relax, eat and sleep in the confines of your rv. The screen offers easy reach lanyards and the ability to pull the screen down as far or as little as you please. Additionally, the installed product does not interfere with the Hauler opening leaving the maximum dimensions possible for easy entry and exit of your toys. This screen is a part of our GoGuard line of products which are known for quality and reliability.


1,2,3 Installation

We recognize that time is money and so our CrossBreeze screen was designed for the easiest of installation’s.

Heavy Duty - UV Protected Screen

Every pound counts! The CrossBreeze screen directly addressed this issue by using lightweight durable metals and have heavy duty plastic housings to remove 5 pounds of excess weight when compared to the competition’s screens.

Unlimited Stopping Points

Our screen has the ability to pulldown as much or as little as you choose. Simply pull the screen down to the desired distance. To retract the screen into the housing, simply give the lanyard a gentle tug and let the spring bar housing do the work of retracting the screen into the housing.