Utopia Faucets
Since the 1970’s LaSalle Bristol has been manufacturing in Plymouth Indiana, a broad line of faucets specially designed for RV and Manufactured Housing use. These stylish faucets feature a patented non-rotating valve design that reduces washer wear and a limited 5 year warranty. They are available in chrome, brush nickel, white and bone finishes, with an array of handle designs.


Bristol RV Termination Valves
For 40 years LaSalle Bristol has been supply the RV OEM manufacturers with a complete line of durable RV termination valves and adapters for sanitation disposal. These valves and adapters are made in our Plymouth Indiana manufacturing plant under strict ISO standards, and now are available through our RV aftermarket retailers.  


RV Roofs & Sealants
‚ÄčLaSalle Bristol sells into the RV market a superior RV roofing membrane that offers more features and benefits than any other RV roofing membrane. The XTRM PLY PVC roofing membrane is an advanced PVC roofing membrane that will not chalk up, turn black or streak the sides of your RV.  XTRM PLY PVC roofing requires no period reconditioning and can be cleaned with house hold cleaners. XTRM PLY PVC roofing has the industry best tear resistance and a 15 year warranty. XTRM PLY PVC roofing reflects more sunlight than other RV roofs thus helping to keep your RV cooler and reduce energy costs.